Else Fischer-Hansen & Egon Mathiesen - exhibition and opening party

Egon Mathiesen Else Fischer-Hansen

On May 20th, from 15-23 o´clock, Københavns Kunsthandel will open the biggest exhibition in many years, with the work of artist couple Else Fischer-Hansen and Egon Mathiesen. 

The exhibition will feature 60 pieces, from the 1930´s till 1980´s.


Else Fischer-Hansen and Egon Mathiesen outside their home on Rebildvej


EFH’s and EM’s abstract art is very related and sometimes its hard to tell who is the artist behind. The couple worked side by side for more than 40 years and this exhibition is a chance to see paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors, a sculpture and a ceramic piece by the artists. 

Most of the artworks are for sale, but a few is on loan, just too present more aspects of their production.


Opening party: Friday d. 20/5  15-23 o' clock, everyone is welcome. Adress: Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 Kbh V.

The exhibition is open until 16/6 - 2022 and can be seen tuesdays and thursdays from 14-17 o' clock. 

Egon Mathiesen. "Stranden III", oil on canvas, 1949



 Else Fischer-Hansen. Composition, oil on canvas, 1978

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