Københavns Kunsthandel has moved from Frederiksberg to Vesterbro

Københavns Kunsthandel has moved from Gammel Kongevej 167B on Frederiksberg to Sønder Boulevard 81 on Vesterbro.

We loved the small and cosy rooms in the backyard on Gammel Kongevej, but when we had the chance to move to the beautiful building on Sønder Boulevard there was no doubt.

The new location opens a variety of new opportunities for Københavns Kunsthandel. With a big window facade facing the lively and popular boulevard a hole new level of contact to people walking by and living/working in the area has emerged.

The gallery has two big rooms with almost 4 meters high walls, it has now become possible to make larger exhibitions with more visual capacity for the art and events.

Thank you to our neighbor, the jewelry store, www.handcraftedcph.com for making all this possible.

We look forward to becoming a permanent part of Sønder Boulevard and Vesterbro!

Johs Schmidt


Københavns Kunsthandel 

Sønder Boulevard 81

1720 Kbh V

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